Christal Houghtelling

Married for 12 years to my wonderful husband Justin. My 4 beautiful, crazy kids, constantly keep me on my toes! Lets be real here, by keeping me on my toes I mean...breaking up fights, cleaning up messes, and trying to get enough sleep:) All of which I don't really seem to be successful at.  We live on 5 acres with a stream, with the occasional moose passing through, a dog named Trigger(yes, classic Alaskan dog name), and 2 rabbits, My kids are my inspiration, as is the wild Alaska, and simple everyday moments.  

I have a lot of opinions.... I believe in running around outside without shoes on. I believe in taking ourselves a little less seriously, and having a dance party once a day is a requirement. My husband even installed rainbow led kitchen lighting to help have epic dance parties, because lets be honest we're hardcore like that! I also love watching movies, and I'm a hopeless romantic.

I love the Alaskan landscape and photographing in it. Alaska has captured my heart. I'm a Pacific Northwest girl, and I have lived in Washington, Oregon, California, and now Alaska. We settled in Alaska 3 years ago, and I am loving it. The landscape is stunning, the weather is wild and unpredictable.  Lots of photographers love to travel out of their state to photograph weddings, but I want to stay here. I have this amazing location right in my backyard, so why would I want to leave. I want every shoot to be a collaboration between my clients and I. Being creative, chasing the light, and capturing beautiful moments is what I am all about. Thank you for taking the time to look at my work, and I would love to work with you. I can be contacted at 907-982-5409 or